Agriculture, Cooler than Ever Before!

Photo Edito 01Information is an input to agriculture and information and communication technologies (ICT) represent the means to access it. Today, in many ACP countries (Africa, Caribbean, Pacific), farmers receive weather reports, adequate periods of sowings, agricultural advice, prices for agricultural products on the markets information through mobile platforms.

Several examples show that ICT are part of the agriculture world’s daily life. The Ivorian producer of cashew located in his plantation who receives a text message about prices’ trends in the market and decide to sell or not, the exporter of livestock from Fada N’Gourma in Burkina Faso who deals in advance on the phone the price of its animals with clients in Nigeria. Thanks to ICT, many farmers are then able to boost their productivity and increase their income.

ICT is revolutionizing agriculture. In light of this, the Technical Centre for Agricultural and Rural Cooperation organized from 4 to 8 November 2013 in Kigali (Rwanda) the international meeting on ICT for Agriculture (#ICT4Ag13#). First of its kind, this meeting offered innovators and participants a fantastic opportunity for a dynamic and practical overview of the latest developments in ICT for agriculture: AGRICO, FARMERLINE, Esoko, iCow, TRACFM, just to name a few!

Developers who put their full passion of ICT for agriculture, farmers, traders in agricultural products, development practitioners who are always asking for more; the potential of ICT in the development of agriculture and the rural sector has never been so explored. This explosion of mobile applications is an evidence that ACP countries can now rely on their “geeks” to boost the agricultural sector.


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