For sustainable ICT solution

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAWhy this craze for mobile services in agriculture?

There are three reasons. The first one is the ease of use of mobile technology. Then it is because the costs have become very low. And finally agriculture is a major concern for our people. That is why we try all, thinking it may be a solution to support agricultural development.

How do you achieve a sustainable ICT solution?

This is very complicated because the problem of the rural world is very complex. It can be seen at different levels: production, processing, marketing, financing, etc. At all these levels we can use new technologies. But what is important is being able to imagine all kinds of applications and after the tracks that will be released we will see. Some will work, others will disappear.

Does it mean that the partitioning of ICT solutions is not a problem?

On the contrary, it is interesting because it leaves the choice to everyone to find their own answers. From the moment someone finds a solution that fixes it, he/she can use it. With technology, there is more of infatuation, there is more diversity and everyone is benefiting from it.

What is the fundamental element in the development of an ICT solution?

There are two main approaches in the development of digital applications. One is that a person dreams of an application and decides to develop it. The other is that an organization of farmers facing a problem contacts a developer to implement ICT solution. Thus both can find other interesting things.

How is the approach Agrico platform that you developed?

For AGRICO, we were approached by a federation of farmers that expressed a very specific need. We created an application based on the texts governing the organization. We thought it would be a shame not to share the technology with other organizations, even though they have spent a lot of money on it. Our approach is to depersonalize the software and make it more open so that other organizations can benefit from it.


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